5 to 15 miles
4.75 mi
10 mi
9 mi
13 mi
14 mi
10 mi
14 mi
10 mi
10 mi
8 mi
5 mi
Green Line #6, Trail #10, Mima Porter #8
Mima Porter #8
Mima Porter #8, Trail #20, Green Line #6
Mount Molly Porter #3
Trail #30, Mount Molly Loop, Mount Molly Porter #3
Mima Porter #8
Trail #40, Middle Waddell Loop, North Rim
Mima #8, Trail #50, Green Line #6
North Rim, Waddell Loop
Trail #40
Check out Fall Creek beginner loop and Little Larch Mountain Trail. CLASSIC!
16 to 35 miles
18 mi
14 mi
16 mi
21 mi
22 mi
19 mi
20 mi
16 mi
18 mi
18 mi
25 mi
18 mi
25 mi
16 mi
25 or 30mi
Mima Porter #8
Mount Molly Loop, Mount Molly Porter #3
Mima Porter #8  
Mount Molly Porter #3. Rock Candy East, Rock Candy West, Middle Waddell Loop
Trail #30, Mount Molly Porter #3
Mima Porter #8, Green Line #6, Trail #30, Mima Porter #3
Mt Molly Loop, Trail #30, Green Line #6, Mima Porter #8
Mt Molly Loop, Trail #30, Green Line #6  
Trail #30, Mount Molly Porter #3/Trail #20, Trail #40
Trail #20, Mima Porter #8, Trail #10, Green Line #6A
Trail #30, Mount Molly Porter #3, Trail #40
Mima Porter#8, Trail #30, Green Line #6
Trail #30, North Rim #1, Middle Waddell Loop
Green Line #6, Mima Porter #8
Green Line #6 all the way home
C-Line, C-7000, C-4000, Green Line #6
Mima Porter #8, Green Line #6
C-9000, B-8500, Molly Porter 3, Green Line 6, Mima Porter 8, C-line
57 mi
63 mi
75 mi
44 mi
54 mi
67 mi
50-ish mi
46 mi
36 mi
40 mi
40-ish or 50-ish
55-ish  mi
45 or 67
50 or 100
43 mi
42 mi
46 mi
Green Line #6A. Middle Waddell Loop, North Rim, Rock Candy East, Mima Porter #8  
Green Line #6, Mount Molly Loop, North Rim, Trail#30, Mount Molly Porter #3, MP8
Mima Porter #8, Mt Molly Loop, North Rim, Middle Waddell Loop
Mount Molly Porter #3, North Rim
Green Line #6, Mima Porter #8
North Rim, Rock Candy East, North Rim, Middle Waddell Loop, G. Line #6, T. #10, MP8
Green Line #6A, Green Line #6, Mima Porter #8
Green Line #6, Trail #40, Mount Molly Loop, Trail #30, Mount Molly Porter #3  
Green Line #6, Trail #30, Mt Molly Porter #3
#6, #20, #8, #30, #6, #30, #3, Mt Molly Loop, #40  
#6, #20, #8, + #50, #6, Mt Molly Loop, Jeep Road, Crestline, #30
Middle Waddell, North Rim, Molly Porter 3, Mima Porter 8, #20, #6
Outer Limits: Full circumnavigation via singletrack
Mima Porter #8, Green Line #6
Molly Porter 3, Green Line #6, Mima Porter 8
Green Line #6, Mima Porter #8
Rock Candy, North Rim, GL6
Coming down the mountain
8 mi
6 mi
11 mi
7 mi
+2000' gain
+2000' gain
+2000' gain
+2000' gain
Gravel Road Climbs

Avenza/DNR Mobile App - Live location tracking complete map of Capitol Forest
Trail Forks Mobile App - Live location tracking with route maps, ratings and reviews

Load these apps on your phone. Charge your battery.
Track your route. Go ride.

STRAVA should also be mentioned. A great App if you like to compare and discuss your ride data, pictures and adventures.

This Capitol Forest MTB Ride Guide was the first page created on CapitolForest.com. At the time, in 2004, there was no easy way to
access information on how to get around in Capitol Forest. Pre-social media and in the early Internet era, there was very little help
in the way of figuring this big forest out for good bike routes. Printed paper maps could be purchased at DNR head
quarters in
Olympia, when in stock. Ride routes were lore passed down verbally through
Capital Bicycling Club, local bike shops and daring
solo adventurers. The need to map this uncharted network of forest trails drove the purchase of this web domain and the creation
of this web page, with many more pages and an expansion of purpose in the years to follow.

The routes described below are mostly still quite relevant and good. They have been assembled by seasoned Capitol Forest MTB
riders. What has changed however are the trail names and some of the terrain. Working with DNR in 2013 we changed most historic
trail names to better indicate trail locations and origination/destination points. The routes described below use the former trail
names as identified on the
2012 trail map. What has also changed are the trails. In winter 2008 Capitol Forest experienced heavy
snow then rapidly warming temperatures and heavy rain which resulted in a few massive and numerous minor landslides. These
landslides resulted in loss of sections of trails that have been partially restored with new trail reroutes and temporary road detours
which are in some cases still in temporary use today. Additionally, as State funding and volunteer energy has increased over this
last decade, Capitol Forest has seen considerable new trail construction.

A couple of notable recent MTB focused expansions -  
Fall Creek Trailhead has become a hub for multi use trail riding and
dedicated beginner mountain bike trails. The north side of Capitol Forest has seen the recent construction of long advocated for
DNR Sanctioned Downhill Tracks on the
North Slope Trails.

Most Importantly
Capitol Forest is a multi use forest. Thanks to this policy, all user groups have benefited from large access. Historically, unlike many
other recreation areas in Washington State, mountain bikers have been a welcomed partner in recreation here. This relationship
with our fellow forest users has been built on trust and respect. We intend to maintain this spirit of cooperation.
Respect other forest users.  

here for some more details on how we work together.
Mountain Biking Ride Guide
Photo by Derek Pearson
Good beginner rides
Historic 2012 and prior trail names