Ride Distance: 42 miles +6400' -6400'

Actual Ride Data:http://trail.motionbased.com/trail/activity/4314886

Route Description: Start from THE Y. Go down Waddell Creek road to Margaret Mckenny, turn immediate right onto Green Line #6. Follow this trail, staying to your right through 5
intersections, you are now on the  main Green Line. Follow Green Line to the intersection #20, then onto Mima Porter #8 into the Valley of Death. Wrap around the Lost Valley, cross the
creek into Fall Creek area stumble through the intersections and head out on Mima Porter #8, take up to the old Wedekind Area (about 2 miles out of Fall Creek #8 heads up a clear cut, feel
bo guilt for taking C-5000 road that parallels this short section, it's a rutty mess). Hop on #30 for about a 1/2 mile, turn right onto Green Line #6, Crestline Trail. Ride to C-4000, climb up to
the Peak towers. Drop into #30 and traverse over and cross C-4000, go 100 yards on B-1000 and turn right onto Trail #30  around to the back of Larch Mountain. Turn right onto Mt Molly
Porter #3, follow around to C-4000 and turn right, head up the road, stay to the left through the yellow gate, Mt Molly Loop trail is about a mile up your left. Follow all the way across C-Line,
up and over Mt Molly on Trail #40 to the road intersection crossing that leads left to the start at The Y.                 
Ride Summary: This is it, the 6th annual Sick Puke. This years scheduling didn't work out for the big October throw down, so it's now the
SICK PUKE CHALLENGE!!! First 25 riders to complete the ride will get a free limited printing '07 Sick Puke commemorative T-Shirt.
This would make a good fall/winter project for anyone wanting to put a big Capitol Forest loop notch in your belt, or anyone just wanting a long steady work out. You your name will be forever
recorded on this page as having completed the SICK PUKE 2007. Have fun!!!

Submit your ride time, date and other info to jim@capitolforest.com
10.13.07 Nathan Hamilton 9hrs 20min solo

*10.20.07 Jeff "The Professor" Haymes 7+ hours solo
Captain Haymes Writes: The Deadly Sick Puke: The flurry of emails last week on CapitolForest.com indicating a mob of riders was going to hit the Puke next weekend motivated me to take a
shot at it so I could get one of the cool Limited Edition SP T-shirts JG so thoughtfully had made before they were all gone.  I decided to ride it solo because I basically have found over the
years that I do better on long rides in crappy conditions by myself.  When alone I don't end up Blowing Up trying to chase faster/stronger/younger (take your pick of any 2 of the 3) riders, and
can find my own pace.  I drove out to CP in a dreary downpour Sat morning in the dark and resigned myself to a wet, miserable day as I started flailing up GL 6 in the early morning half-light.  
Given the length of the ride, massive climbing, and hideous conditions (water running down the trail and/or deep mud for most of the ride), I resorted to "survival mode" riding techniques (push
up the really steep or slippery climbs, use the granny gear as much as possible) to save my legs from meltdown.  The climb on GL 6 to #20 was actually pretty decent, but, as I expected Lost
Valley was a classic Cap Forest Death March most of the way, sucking the life out of me.  Things got better on the #8 climb, but that was of course short-lived reprieve because the Crestline
Trail #6 is basically Evil, especially if riding north towards the peak due to the endless, often technical, and/or crazy-steep climbing (PLEASEEEEE leave it out next year, or go the other
direction....)  I almost cheated and bailed out to the 4000 to get to the Peak, but I knew JG would be disappointed in me if I did so I toughed it out with much pushing until reaching the gate
going up to the peak.   I kinda recovered by the time I pedaled up to the peak and briefly took in the ambiance (raining, blowing hard, cold) before bashing down thru the wet rocks and roots
on #30 (an ugly experience on a skinny-tire Xcountry bike).  I only vaguely remember the rest of the ride because I was trying to decide if I would make it back to the truck before
hypothermia set in.  Basically, it was a really great ride in really lousy weather conditions - the route hit many of the classic winter trails - a classic Cap Forest SufferFest!

*10.20.07 The Wrecking Crew 8 hours
Courtland Capwell, Tom Schultz, Ben, Brandino, our 29er brother Brandon Lockwood
The Wrecking Crew writes:  "Thank you Sick-Puke for giving me my life back, I now feel like I have control of my life and depression and fatigue no       longer control my life. I am happy to
face each new day!  WARNING: Sick-Puke is not for everyone. Check with your Dr. before taking Sick-Puke.     Pregnate or nursing women should not take Sick-Puke. People with high
blood pressure or hemorroids should not take Sick-Puke.  Side effects of          taking Sick-Puke may include: Numb or tingling fingers. Numbness in feet. Dizziness and shortness of breath.
Uncontrollab le shivering. Excessive       urinating(Ben) . Delusions. Hallucinations. Uncontrollable whining. Unexplainable giggles. Excessive hunger. Dry mouth. Sick-Puke may work
as              temporary birth-control."

Track Daddy's Blog Report:

Track Daddy's Photo Gallery: http://www.flickr.com/photos/track_daddy/sets/72157602586620289/  

* The riders of 10.20 faced wicked conditions, cold, rain, sleet, hail, they pushed through. It wouldn't be called The Sick Puke if it were easy.     There were 14 that set out this day
to complete the route, only 8 survived. Weather, group strategy....all play a roll in a big wet nasty ride         like this. 18 shirts remain, see you out there.    
Clean bikes and warm feet   
The first 29-er Sick Puker, Track Daddy
Thomas, the modest bad-ass
Life saving banana bread and coffee
Yes, hail  
This is Margaret Mckeeny Camp Here.
Turn in, take the first trail to the right
when you come in, stay to the right, go
over the bridge as per the rest of the
directions above.  
"CAUTION" Apparently the French
translation is "Princess Parking Only".  
Submitted by Sick-Puker TD who might have gotten into some "special" fungi while on route
those aren't all Chantrel's

A Hard Rides Got to be Done

Oh where have you been my mud splattered one?
Oh where you have you been my daring hard headed one?

I’ve pedaled on the sides of many wet cold muddy  mountains
I’ve rode down and crawled up many crooked pathways
I’ve rolled and crashed in the middle of the valley of death
I’ve ridden out in front of a dozen adrenaline crazed Mountain bikers
I’ve rode ten thousand muck holes in the mouth of a cyclone
And it’s a hard, it’s a hard, it’s a hard, it’s a hard  ride to finish  the sick puke in the fall.

Oh, what did you see, my blue briuised son.
Oh what did you see my crazy young one?
I saw muddy broken bikes with men all around them
I saw a steep trail of boulders with broken bodies on it
I saw a red branch dripping with the blood of a rider
I saw a clear cut full of riders with there wheels all a spinning’
I saw a steep muddy rutted hill and wanted to ride up it
I saw many riders talking whose tongues were all bullshitting
I saw park bikes and race bikes underneath the buts of young riders
And it’s a hard, it’s a hard, it’s a hard, it’s a hard  ride to finish  the sick puke in the fall.

And what did you hear my exhausted young son?
And what did you hear, my bad ass young one?
I heard the sound of thunder and the roaring of a downpour
Heard flatulence and belching that could suffocate the whole world
Heard one hundred tires rolling and hands that were shifting
Heard ten thousand whispered prayers for the strength to continue
Heard of one rider starving and many riders laughing
Heard the song of a rider who cleaned the whole crestline trail
Heard the sound of a rider  crying about the bad weather
And it’s a hard, it’s a hard, it’s a hard, it’s a hard  ride to finish  the sick puke in the fall.

Oh who did you meet my adventurous young young son
Who did you meet my recuperating young son?
I met a young child whose eyes were determined and stoney
I met a white rider who ran a black dog
I met a young woman whose passion to ride was burning
I met a rider in the maelstrom whose smile was a rainbow
I met one rider who was in love with his bike
I met another rider who was wounded but still  wanted to ride
And it’s a hard, it’s a hard, it’s a hard, it’s a hard  ride to finish  the sick puke in the fall.

Oh what will you do now my mud spattered son?
What will you do my darling hard headed young one?
I’m a going back out before the rain stops falling
I’ll ride the depths of this deepest black forest
Where the people are few and the trails are all empty
Where the rocks and the roots challenge a rider
Where the valley and the ridge meet the slick slippery  tread
Where the sweet secret trails are always well hidden
Where pavement is ugly and time is  forgotten, where fun is the order and no one cares about
And I’ll ride it and cruise it and think it and breath it
And reflect it from the mountain so all riders can see it
Then I’ll stand on the peak until the sun finishes sinking
And next year I’ll know my song before I start riding
And it’s a hard, it’s a hard, it’s a hard, it’s a hard  ride to finish  the sick puke in the fall.

Thank you Bob Dylan
10.27.07 The Sick Crew, Second Session 8 hours
Jeff Haymes, Jamey Poelker, Layne Crocker, Jim Graham, Brandon Lockwood, Daniel Meyers, Todd Davison, Jackson, Michael Nicolay,
Oliver Nicolay, Jacob  
Brilliant weather, great fall color, it was perfect, not easy, but perfect. A Second Session crew motivated by the previous weekend's hammer fest  went for it. We set out with a fresh crew and a
few hard core hammer heads from the previous Saturday. It was a great time with a solid group of Sick Puke contenders. On previous Sick Pukes "The Valley of Death" has been at the mid to
latter part of the ride, earing it its nickname, on this one it would have to be the "Crestline of Death". Seriously punishing. Facing the steep ups and downs at the mid point of a 40 mile ride is
sick. This is a great loop, a solid and raw sampling of our forest's finest. The distance isn't the longest of the Sick Pukes, but the all singletrack route with 6400' of singletrack climbing followed
by technical no-resting-here descending made for one of the toughest Sick Pukes. Great ride.
Only 9 shirts left!!   

Gas for early morning trip to capitol forest: $10.00
Multiple PBJs, assorted GU's, and lots of water: $3.50
Overhaul for hissing front suspension you just listened to for 8 hours: $150
Map so you don't get lost next time (I actually had one with me): $5.00
One and a half trips on the Sick Puke route for nothing more than a sore ass and a freakin awesome T-shirt: Priceless
There are some things money can't buy. For everything else there is SICKPUKE!

Track Daddy Photos Part Duex:
11.15.07  David Snyder and Super Rachel
Rachel kept David going as the two of them earned their place in Capitol Forest history by completing the Sick Puke 2007.