Green Line #6A. Middle Waddell Loop, North Rim, Rock Candy East, Mima Porter #8  
Green Line #6, Mount Molly Loop, North Rim, Trail#30, Mount Molly Porter #3, MP8
Mima Porter #8, Mt Molly Loop, North Rim, Middle Waddell Loop
Green Line #6, Mima Porter #8
Green Line #6A, Green Line #6, Mima Porter #8
Green Line #6, Trail #40, Mount Molly Loop, Trail #30, Mount Molly Porter #3  
Green Line #6, Trail #30, Mt Molly Porter #3
Outer Limits: Full clockwise circumnavigation all and only trail
Molly Porter 3, Green Line #6, Mima Porter 8
Rock Candy, North Rim, GL6
All over
Before the maintenance campaigns of the last decade and and smart phones with live tracking trail maps, Capitol
Forest was
an unexplored, remote, dark, poorly maintained, difficult to navigate, inhospitable jungle kind of place. The trails were
overgrown with aggressive foliage, and the trail tread was often just as aggressive, poorly maintained and equally hostile. The
navigation means for riding Capitol Forest at the time were to buy (if you could find one for sale) and bring a paper map that would
inevitably get destroyed in the rain and mud (yes, it used to rain steadily all 12 months), and follow the trail signs that may or may not
have been posted and may or may not have been accurate. In addition to a dissolving wet paper map and some luck, riding in Capitol
Forest required a strong sense of adventure and a high need for an unpredictable riding experience full of
The Joy of Suffering. It was a time of the perfectly imperfect Capitol Forest riding experience.

Out of this uncharted period in Capitol Forest history, the Sick Puke was born. The Sick Puke was (and still is) an off the formal event
calendar group ride that attracted local and locally connected regional riders looking to take part in a big day, in a big way, the wild and
undeveloped mtb riding experience of the early 00's Capitol Forest. As Capitol Forest has evolved and developed over the years, the
Sick Puke has as well. The Sick Puke is as it has always been - a day of new and unexpected Capitol Forest riding experiences.