Mary is probably the founding local female mountain bike rider in our area. Ask any long time local mountain bike rider who Mary is and they will probably tell you
about a ride they have been on with her or about bumping into her on a trail somewhere deep in the Capitol Forest back country. Mary is contagiously energetic and
friendly, the rider on the Ellsworth who embraces our quiet and wet winters in the woods here and sets the pace on our long muddy climbs.
Mary Goodfellow, queen of the singletrack.     

Mary Goodfellow

Still faster than you (editors answer)

City of residence?   

How long have you been mountain biking and where did you start?
About18 years!…Capitol Forest

Did you come straight to mountain biking or start in another cycling discipline?
Yeah I started road biking-a lot of RAMROD races-- early Capitol Bicycle Club member

What got you interested in mountain biking?
…the “mountain” part

What was your first mountain bike?
A Schwinn “something”…no suspended anything!!

What keeps you interested in mountain biking?
The incredible workout that keeps me in shape for everything else, the ever changing
challenge and the friends you share it with.

Do you have any specific advice for female mountain bikers who are new to the sport?
Its not easy- so don’t give up if you get discouraged…. You will get dirty ,you will fall off that bike, you will eventually have FUN! Ride with people who are patient and
enjoyable .

Do you like toasting the guys on the trail?
I would certainly be lying if I said NO…especially when they are half my age

Have you ever been into racing?

Do you race anymore yes/no and why?
No.. been there done that ...It just takes up too much time and there are so many other thing to do!

In what ways have you seen the mountain biking scene change in the Olympia area over the years?
Large increase in riders, fancier bikes, more“downhillers” --  

How would you define the spirit of mountain biking for you?
I cant define it

One sentence description of Capital Forest?
I can climb and climb and climb some more.   

What do you like most about Capitol Forest?
Endless single track ,nice scenery, open all year and so close to home - boy, are we lucky!

Do see any looming threats to Capitol Forest and our riding lifestyle here?
We need to focus on getting along with all other user groups and make sure we do not abuse the trails physically or with an attitude

What is your favorite trail in Capitol Forest?
Mima- Porter # 8

If you could change anything about Capitol Forest what would it be?
To know  in the years to come, we could be assured of ample funds to keep the trails maintained

What is your bike of choice for riding in Capitol Forest?
right now--an Ellsworth Truth w/disks, tubes, flat bar, average travel--cross country emphasis

Do you feel Capitol Forest has changed much over the years?
a lot more use in all areas and lot more DOWNHILLERS

Do you feel that DNR’s presence in The Forest has changed much over the years?
Not really -it all depends on how much money they have…but I was disappointed when DNR decided too close and destroy SO MANY major roads (for stream impact )--
they would have made wonderful trails!

Any advice to riders coming to ride here for the first time?
Try to ride with a local- don’t depend on books or maps alone … it will be frustrating…and don’t wear fancy clothes!(that clay is a killer)

Shuttle or climb?
Climb only

Pre ride meal of choice?
…remember to eat enough!

Hard tail or full suspension?  
Full suspension…I finally gave in a year ago

Berm or air?

Spandex or baggies?

If you had a choice of which song to get stuck in your head for entire ride what would it be?
I'm concentrating to hard to even think of a song

Ride in the spring or ride in the fall?

Any family, friends or bike shops you would like to recognize or say hello to?
To all the friends I’ve shared the sport with !! Those that taught me the trails, pick me up when I  crash, make me laugh and swear and those few that repair my bike-you
know who you are!

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