Jim Albright is a dedicated racer and rider. Through a high level of dedication and commitment he has become a successful state expert level cross country racer and
sport  downhill racer. Riding is fun, and that is why he does it. Jim Albright, a modest racer and rider. Catch him if you can. And a few words from him…..

Jim Albright        


Current city of residence?

How long have you been mountain biking and where did you start?
Since March of 2000. Trail 40/ Mount Molly loop in Capitol Forest.

What got you interested in mountain biking?
I used to BMX and was looking for something to be in better shape.
John Tobey and Dave Langstead (two old friends) were Mt Biking
and made it sound fun. I like go fast sports.

What was your first mountain bike?
Toys R' Us Pacific for 3 rides till it broke then, a Cannondale hardtail for two years.

What is it about mountain biking that you like the most?
At first it was stress relief. Now it’s that and the friends I get to ride with.

How long have you been mountain bike racing?
3 seasons since April of 2002

What disciplines do you race in?
Expert XC and Sport DH

What have your race results been since you started racing?
2002 XC beginner state champ. 2003 XC sport state champ and won a national @ Schweitzer.
2004 XC expert state champ, 5th EXP XC and 1st sport DH at Schweitzer. Went to the National
championship @ Mammoth and sucked in my XC race 20th (pinch flat) but got 6th in DH.   

Is it vital to be on a race team and why?
Yes. Team support at the races, good friends, training ideas, technical support, discounts, share travel expenses etc…

What would you say has contributed the most to your success as a mountain bike racer?
Listening to others ideas and strategies. Consistent training, eating well and getting enough rest. Letting go on race day.

How many bikes do you now own?

How many of them have knobby tires?

One sentence description of Capitol Forest
Very large playground.

Which of your bikes is your favorite for riding in Capitol Forest and why?
Cannondale Scalpel for climbing and a Trek Liquid for going down.

What is your favorite trail in Capitol Forest and why?
Mount Molly loop / trail 40. It is a fast fun banked decent.

Besides Capitol Forest where do you ride?
On a trail behind my house. South SeaTac has good XC and a terrain park in the back for DH.

What do you like most about Capitol Forest?
It has so many miles of trails that there are still some I have not ridden yet. It is hard to get bored with endless riding options.  

If you could change anything about Capitol Forest what would it be (besides the logging)?
It would be great to have a real DH trail with stunts and single-track for bicycles only.

What would you tell or recommend to someone coming to ride here who had never ridden here before?
Bring a map, water, food, tube, pump, tools, and enough clothes. Do an out and back ride until you get the lay of the forest. It is easy to get turned around.

Trail ride or downhill?
Trail ride

Shuttle or climb?

Chicken or steak?

Hard tail or full suspension?

Berm or air?

Spandex or baggies?
Usually spandex

Rush or Styx?

Fast technical or fast smooth?
Fast technical

Ride or race?

Any family, friends, teams or sponsors you would like to recognize, say hello to or thank?
Thanks to my kids Kevin and Trevor and my folks Aub and Loretta for their support and encouragement. Thanks to Loren and Dianne Morris for inviting me onto their
Single Track Cycles of North Bend the best bike store and team in the NW. Thanks to Jim Graham for creating a great Capitol Forest website and for all the fun
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Jim Albright on Mima Porter #8