Matt Jagger, another very well rounded Capitol Forest rider that excels at whatever knobby discipline he decides to pursue. Does Capitol Forest attract these strong, well
rounded riders, or does Capitol create them? You'll have to come ride here for yourself to find out. An active member of FOCF Matt spends at least one day per month
working on Capitol Forest trails. Matt Jagger, modest, smooth and in the middle of what's happening in Capitol Forest.

When did you start mountain biking?
I started getting into it pretty seriously in 1998, but I've had a mountain bike since I was 10.

Where have your "home" riding areas been?
My stomping grounds were in Port Angeles, now they're in Capitol Forest.

What has kept you interested in mountain biking?
The challenges it offers, the friends I've made, and all the fun I have every time I ride.

Best innovation(s) in mountain biking since you started?
Suspension that works, affordable good bikes, hydraulic disc brakes.

What was your first year on a mountain bike in Capitol Forest?

How do you think Capitol Forest fits into the NW riding picture?
I think it's a well kept secret. It's definitely one of the best areas for trail riding in
Washington. It's not too far away from town, it's huge, and there is a trail to ride
for whatever mood your in.

Favorite trail or ride in Capitol Forest?
This is a hard question because my favorite ride changes about every two months. One of my favorites is
from the Y climb up C-line to C7000 and up C7000 to the peak. From the peak down trail #30 to Mt. Molly loop.
Follow Mt. Molly loop into trail #40 and follow that back to the car at the Y. I enjoy this ride in the summer months when the trails are in good condition because it's super
fast, aggressive, loose, and it has a ton of fun corners.

How have you seen Capitol Forest change over the years?
The moto trails seem to keep deteriorating and the green trails seem to keep getting better. Overall there is a lot less garbage and the trails have gotten better and better
since I've been riding here.

Anything you would like to see change in Capitol Forest?
I'd like to see an area set aside for mountain bike use only. I'd also like to see some law enforcement out there keeping things in check.

Do you race, and what do you think about racing?
I do race. I enjoy racing because I'm very competitive with myself. I like having something to strive for. It's also a great way to improve your riding skills and meet a ton
of great people.

Any accomplishments in racing you are proud of?
I'm proud of myself for getting to where I am, compared to where I started. I knew this was the sport for me and had a vision of where I wanted to go with it and so far
I've stayed on track.

Describe your profile as a rider, strengths, weaknesses, disciplines etc?
I'd say I'm an all arounder. I dirt jump, freeride, race downhill, super D and a little cross country. I even dabbled in trials for a little while. My strengths are fast, aggressive
trails with a lot of descending. I'm good at turning a rough unflowy trail into a flowy masterpiece. My weaknesses are sandy dirt and fitness, but I'm working on those.

Trail maintenance and construction, for someone to worry about?
Definitely. I think every mountain biker should get involved in the building and maintenance of  their local trail systems.

Favorite ride or race of 2007?
The Downieville Classic. Good times and good riding with great friends. This year should be even better!

Briefly describe a year-in-the-life of "you", surrounding riding/racing?
I ride on the road a bunch during the winter, not much trail riding. Once spring comes riding and racing are in full effect. I usually get burnt on racing by August and just
start riding non competitively again. I love late summer early fall trail riding, it's my favorite time of year. As winter creeps in my trail riding time dwindles and I  slowly get
back on the road again, constantly dreaming of riding trails and racing. Mountain biking is ALWAYS on my mind.

Preride music?
That changes depending on my mood. I can go from Metallica to John Lennon to Tupac.

Favorite food/fuel while riding?
Cheap granola bars and tap water.

Hello or thanks to anyone?
My wife for supporting me in anything I decide to do, and trust me I change my mind a lot. All of the friends that I've made while I've been into this sport, everyone of
you has been a positive influence in some way. I'm really proud to be a part of
GL6 Racing and the start of it's legacy. I also want to thank FOCF for all the hard work
they have put into maintaining Capitol Forest, and making it a better place to ride. You're awesome.
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