While others are at home cruising mtb chat rooms and talking about what rides they are going to do, Natalie is out on the trail. Rain or snow, day or night she doesn't miss
a chance to ride year round. With a passion and unwavering dedication (read: addiction) to riding she has put in hundreds if not over a thousand miles in Capitol Forest
the last couple years and has taken every opportunity for mtb road trips from Whistler to Moab. A regular at Friends of Capitol Forest work parties she is also committed
to giving back to her home mountain in the form of sweat and trail labor. Humorous and to the point, don't lolly-gag on the trail or you'll hear "suck it up ladies, lets
go". Raising the commitment bar for everyone, Natalie Gentry is "The Singletrack Princess".                

Natalie Gentry

Year born:

City of residence:

How long have you been mountain biking?
The true obsession started the Summer of 04'

Are you local, or did you move here recently?
I moved here from the flat-lands, Florida in 03'

What got you started riding?
My black BMX huffy when I was kid. That thing was sweet! When I moved to
Washington I wanted to learn how to white water kayak but hopped on a mountain
bike first. Little did I know that my childhood bicycle addiction would kick back in.
I never did learn how to white water kayak. I might give up a Saturday ride to learn that someday.

What do like about mountain biking?
Going fast and technical downhills. Long descents that are
fast and tackymud (I think that is a word).

Favorite trail(s) in Capitol Forest?
#30 and green line 6 from the top and the rock garden near fall creek

You ride in Capitol Forest year round, no matter what the weather,
what drives you to ride so consistently and put most of the boys to shame?
It's an addiction dude!

You do a lot of night riding here, what do like about it?
I ride faster at night. I can't see a thing so I can't possibly get hurt, right?

Where else have you ridden besides Capitol Forest?
Lots of places...the first place was in Denver back in the late 90s when
I was punk and rode in jeans. Then when I moved here it was Capitol Forest
for a long time. In 06' I road in Moab (that rocked), Whistler (rocked a little more),
and most recently Florida (yes there is riding in Florida) it rocked but, in a different way.

What was your favorite ride of 2006?
WHISTLER Dirt Merchant!!

Any advice for other women who are getting into the sport or considering it?
Do it!

Have you raced? What kind? Did you enjoy it?
Yes, one 24 hour race in Spokane. I did enjoy it but no one should ride at 3am after riding at
midnight, it's inhumane! However, I do want to do it this year solo, so really I have issues.

Do you prefer racing, riding solo or going out on a group ride, or do they compare?
It is a lot faster when I ride alone and I like being able to pick a pace. Riding in a group is great
too because when I blow a flat people stand around and look at me and most of the time
they help because they want me to hurry.

Any words on bikes or equipment for riding in Capitol Forest?
Oh, the usual...spare tube and PB and J

Any words for new riders in Capitol Forest?
If someone is behind you pull over and let them pass. <sigh>

Pre-ride food?
What ever is in my fridge. But nothing too heavy like spaghetti

During ride food?
PB and J

Pre-ride music?
Um...it's different every time.

Post ride music?
Whatever was playing pre-ride...
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Thats right boys, follow me....
More rocks please...
Gravity defying....defying gravity.....gravity defied