Riders in videos: Layne Crocker, Dave Sears, Austin Hildreth, Mike Laris, Jim Albright, Shaun Richardson, Neil Sivvy, Jamey Poelker, Dale,
Glen, Daniel Myers, Todd Davison, Oliver Nicolay, Michael Nicolay      
Click on the trail name for a more detailed topographical map, specific trail data and video.  
Trail names with a       have video, once you click the trail name click on the         symbols for video footage of the exact section of
trail the video camera icon is on. Not all trails are shown here. Elevation profiles are not exact, they are based on software
calculations not actual field surveys.
he video portions of these maps are currently being documented and posted, stay tuned for more.
Mt Molly Porter #3
Trail #50
Mima Porter #8
Green Line #6
Trail #20
Trail #30
Trail #40
Trail #10
Waddell Loop
North Rim #1
Rock Candy East
Rock Candy West
Middle Waddell Loop
Mount Molly Loop
Trail #30
Trail #40
Trail #20
Photo by Derek Pearson
Detailed Trail Map