Current Capitol Forest Logging Activity
Photo by Derek Pearson

Logging Activity Map - HERE - 10.01.15

Updates 11.19.15 -

Quantum: Active in Unit 1. The trail is closed and will remain closed until the unit is complete. Work started just last week.  

Porter Waddell View: No activity  

Rock Candy Mtn: No activity

Squirt: No activity, but could be doing a pre-work next week to discuss work in the rock pit.

Fitting: Complete Twin Peaks

Dempsey: Complete

Upper Mox: Complete  North Rim 3

Clean Camp (MM MW Campground) : Sale is active and purchaser has requested an extension. Should be completed by the end of
January but could have up to a year extension.

Mima Creek: Purchaser is just removing Right-of-Way timber.  Mima Falls trail

Old Ironsides: Purchaser is just removing Right-of-Way timber.  Loki

Thurston Creek: No activity  Porter

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